Welcome to our new collection of Australian gifts: a range of nine 3-oil gift packs including our best Australian essential oils!

In today’s blog post we would like to put the spotlight on a special range of products we’ve recently developed and launched.

Are you looking for a special, truly unique Australian gift?

Our collection of 3-oil essential oil gift packs offers a range of excellent gifts. From birthdays to housewarming parties, from weddings to get-well-soon attentions, our range of 3-oil essential oil gift packs has something to offer for any occasion and anyone looking for that special wellness gift.

Four of our 9 essential oil gift packs are designed in collaboration with local artist Kagaru (Scott) featuring his unique artwork. For every essential oil box sold, a royalty is paid to Kagaru.
Kagaru has been professionally painting traditional and contemporary indigenous artwork since 1993. His ancestry traces back to the Mynjungbal (Minjungbal) or Tweed Coast region. His home is in Bogangar, also know as Cabarita, the area he still lives in today.
Kagaru means ‘Kookaburra’.

The other five essential oil gift packs feature a selection of iconic Australian landscapes, based on locations where our oils can be found in the wild.

Are you after a truly unique Australian gift? Our 3-oil essential oil kits are an excellent choice for bringing the wellness benefits of Australian nature into the homes of loved ones!


Our entire range of 3-oil essential oil gift packs includes: