Australian Experience


Australia is often referred to as being a place which is fresh, clean and green, the ‘lucky country’.

A place not contaminated like the modern industrial areas like Europe and North America or as overcrowded as in Asia and Africa. There are plenty of forests, fresh air and open spaces.

Australia is a place that is isolated, peaceful and different to the rest of the world.

Essentially Australia’s range of Australian native oils and oil related products, offer the above and also a lasting connection with Australia.

The oils in our range are:

  • Fresh and invigorating and can get you going again.
  • Sometimes our products will give you a beautiful reminder of Australia.
  • While some of our other essential oils give you the reassuring feeling that your environment or home is not only fresh again but also healthy, happy and peaceful.

The Essentially Australia range offers feelings of freshness, balance and wellbeing.