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Australia is an island continent with a diverse culture and unique environments, a land of beautiful landscapes from beaches to deserts, and the unusual wildlife that inhabits it. At Essentially Australia, we are fully committed to preserving the natural benefits of our unique Australian environment by promoting and sharing with you our natural botanical wonders. Essential oils Australia are known for their purity, freshness, and beneficial properties for both body and mind.

We love to share information with customers who are interested in knowing more about our pure and diverse range of Australian traditional oils. We are proud of our ‘green’ business and the high quality, purity and natural perfection of our natural oils. There is a common element across Essential oils Australia – their fresh and refreshing qualities. Every uniquely produced oil in our range will re-connect you with Nature and the purity of the Australian environment, helping to soothe emotional and physical stresses, or simply delight you with their world-class fragrances.

The fresh element dominant in eucalyptus essential oils, such as our favorite Eucalyptus Australiana and Eucalyptus Blue Gum, is worth experiencing. As already mentioned, our essential oils are purer and completely natural, offering a wide variety of benefits and scents. For example, our native Anise Myrtle contains the dominant constituent anethola, just like traditional Anise Seed essential oils. But Australia’s Anise Myrtle essential oil also has a concentration of 1.8 cineole at around 1%. This small percentage creates a significant difference between Anise Myrtle and other traditional aniseed type essential oils found elsewhere in the world. In addition, our Anise Myrtle essential oil is often described as having a fresher scent.

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Hi Everyone,
Thanks heaps for your new essential oil name suggestions by email and on Insta to us!

We have had well over 100 different name suggestions for our new Australian essential oil grown in our Byron hinterland plantation.

.....Its a new Australian essential oil which smells like a combination of fruit, rose, rose geranium, citrus, blueberry, lemon, musk, marshmallow, orange peel, herbiness, leaf and more!

We have been hearing names which suggest linking this oil to the region it comes from (north east NSW, which is the Bundjalung region) plus names that create positive feelings which match up with the oils effect on people...

We are getting close, so thanks lots for your ideas and help!!

A new essential oil is not far off!

#newessentialoil #aromatherapy #citrusscent #rosescent #rosegeraniumscent #wellbeing #orangescent #muskscent #fruityessentialoil #fresh #calming #bliss #bundjalung
#nativetree #ourplantation #byronbay

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Just a quick intro on my initial journey with Pineapple Myrtle, starting way back in 2015!

It`s one of my favourite essential oils in our plantation.

I don`t think there is another Pineapple essential oil anywhere in the world, so that`s another reason why it`s bit of a favourite with me!

Its flowering seems a few weeks later than last year, not sure why? That`s Mother Nature I guess!

And yes Pineapple Myrtle essential oil is available through our website now.

#pineapple #newessentialoil #happiness #uplifting #refreshing #banana #citrus #fruitsalad #nativeflower #byronhinterland #antidepressive #newdiscovery #wellbeing #aromatherapy #wellness #health #ourplantation #citrusessentialoil #plantbased #nativeaustralian

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Hi Everyone,
Happy 2024, last month we told you about a new essential oil which we trial distilled in December 2023.

We got the oil analysed by our independent laboratory and we found a very wide mix of chemical compounds.

We are still trying to work out a new name for this oil, we are getting close, thanks to people`s ideas last month. The oil is fruity with orange, lemon, citrus, rose, rose geranium, fruitiness and several other interesting notes.

Below is its chemistry, does this help anyone with a possible name?

Thanks again, cheers Greg!

alpha-thujene. 1.9%
alpha-pinene. 0.5%
beta-pinene. 0.1%
myrcene. 1.4%
alpha-phellandrene. 0.2%
alpha-terpinene. 0.9%
limonene. 1.2%
cis beta-ocimene. 0.3%
para cymene. 2.9%
1,8-cineole. 0.3%
y-terpinene. 7.9%
terpinolene. 5.2%
linalool. 3.0%
terpinen-4-ol. 1.4%
alpha-terpineol. 0.5%
citronellol. 0.1%
nerol. 0.3%
geraniol. 44.0%
neral. 0.3%
geranial 0.2%
geranyl acetate. 21.7%
beta-caryphyllen. 0.1%
eugenol 0.3%
germacrene D. 0.2%
bicyclogermacrene 0.1%
delta-cadinene. 0.2%
spathulenol. 0.1%

Please put your suggestions down below.

#newessentialoil #fruityessentialoil #newdiscovery #wellness #uplifting #calming #nativetree ##ourplantation #byronhinterland

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Could you help us name this new essential oil?

We found a rare plant that smells like fruit, orange peel, citrus, rose with a hint of blueberry and marshmallow.

It`s fruity, fun and quite uplifting.

We found it in Byron hinterland, not far from our plantation.

So if you come up with a name we like, you will be in for a free bottle of this new Australian essential oil.

#newessentialoil #rareplant #Leptospermum #nativetree #byronhinterland #fruityessentialoil #australianessentialoils #wellness #aromatherapy #wellbeing ##ourplantation #plantdiscovery

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Well this is an easy one to explain!

Our Relaxation Collection has 3 native essential oils to make someone feel better.

These essential oils will last for years and do the job each time!

Thanks again to Scott/Kaguru for the artwork on this package, he receives a royalty on each Relaxation Collection box set sold.

Best Wishes and Happy Christmas to you all from us at Essentially Australia!

#relax #essentialoils #wellness #wellbeinggift #australianessentialoils #fragonia #eucalyptusoil #aromatherapy #Australia #indigenousart #indigenousroyalty #byronbay #madeinaustralia #plantationgrown

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One of our favourite 3 oil box designs!

This artwork features the red soil of the red centre plus the volcanic red soil found on the east coast, followed by the yellow, which reflects some of our sandy coastlines.

This box has some of our most popular Australian essential oils.

We think it makes a great gift and each box comes with a free copy of our `Guide to Using Australian Essential Oils`.

Also, thanks to Kaguru who put this artwork together for us, he also receives a small royalty on each product sold.

Find it on our website and Happy Christmas to all!

#essentialoils #wellnessgift #australian #nativegift #artbykaguru #artbyscott #wellbeing #byronbay #fragonia #relaxation #stressrelief #australianessentialoils #cypressoil #Eucalyptus #lemon essentialoil #wellbeinggift

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Recently we decided to map our plantation with this little bit of technology.

It will help us monitor growth and plant health from season to season as well.

#farmlife #essentialoils #plantationgrown #nativeplants #ourplantation #byronhinterland #drone #australianessentialoils #farmtechnology

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Ron Guba, a real leader in the essential oil industry will holding an intense 4 day course in Melbourne 15th to 18th October for experienced essential oil practitioners.

Call Aminya Natural Therapies Academy for more information Ph 07 5540 5077 or 0490 326 248.

Or for more information go to:

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