Thank you so much for the extra oils you included with the 3 family orders, everyone is thrilled with the unique aromas. I especially love the Australian Rose & Lemon Berry, they are however all stunning
Karen B Lancefield, VIC July 2023

Dear Essentially Australia,
Just wanted to share that I love your Mango Myrtle and Pineapple Myrtle essential oil that I just purchased. It is nothing like any of the essential oil that I have.
Helen D, Singapore April 2023

Just note to let you know I have received the Fragonia and Mango Myrtle essential oil today!
As you’d know we love our Fragonia but the Mango Myrtle is new to me and what a delightful oil, a very pleasant surprise.
An Australian essential oil you have developed yourself, well done, it’s beautiful! I’ll be trying it out on the dinner party tonight.
Ann R, Inverell, NSW February 2023

I really enjoy the mango myrtle scent, I’ve constantly got it in my oil burners at home!  I’m no expert on aromas but I love the fruity element to this Mango Myrtle.
Georgia, Summer Hill, NSW February 2022

Fragonia is one of my favourite oils and it gets used a lot!
Sharon, Canberra, ACT January 2021

Good morning Greg, I found out about your products when they were listed and recommended in an article in our local weekend newspaper several months ago. Rather than buying the oils separately, I am happy to pay a few extra dollars for the gift boxes as it also benefits the artist. The selection of oils in the gift boxes is also perfect.
Katrina, Toogoolawah, Queensland, May 2020

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful essential oils. I met you with my husband in February this year while on holidays in Byron and spent a most enjoyable time sampling your oils at your place, thought I’d say I throughly enjoy the native Australian fragrances, thank you again.
Virginia S, Sydney, May 2019

Just a note to personally thank you for the safe arrival of the Australian Rose Beauty box. The box is wonderful and we just love the oils. I’m so excited about these oils.
My girls, hubby and myself are blown away by how exquisite they all are!
The Australian Rose is absolutely beautiful.  We are going to do some research into the best way to use them.
I’ve been a home aromatherapist for over 25 years, so these are indeed a very special addition to our oil collection.
Thank you once again for developing and making available these wonderful oils.
All the best, kind regards,
Miriam, Clifton Springs, Victoria, May 2018

I’m a certified Aromatherapist and I just received my box of the 35 Essentially Australia oils in the mail here in the San Diego.  They are the BEST smelling, most beautiful oils I have come across by far I’m so excited to use these daily – the variety of eucalyptus and unique oils to Oz such as lemon myrtle, rose myrtle, honey myrtle, and kimberly heath are just divine.  Every one who has smelled them so far are amazed like I am.  These will be my go to from now on of all oils!
Joy C., San Diego, USA January 2017

Received the package yesterday, the Boronia essential oil does not disappoint and the Lemon Myrtle soap smelled lovely! Thank you for filling the order quickly and there were no customs delays, so the shipping was fast.
I’m going to take some time this weekend to read through the Guide to Using Australian Essential Oils that you included with my order, fascinating!
I really appreciate your kind and friendly customer service!
Victoria, Ontario, Canada, July 2015

I am delighted to tell you  that I received my gorgeous box of oils today  and could not wait to smell them, my favourites are Sandalwood, Wattle and Fragonia, however they are all just beautiful and I so look forward to working with our home grown and distilled oils.
Thank you for your work and dedication to the essential oils, Blessings and Kind Regards
Bernadette, Warrandyte, Victoria, February 2015

Received my oils today must say they are  divine. I am so proud to own my own bottle and card for bottle 293 of Rose Myrtle. Such a lovely touch and idea, also very happy to receive the guide book.
Blessing and Kindest Regards
Bernadette, Warrandyte, Victoria, January 2015

I’ve got my parcel in Shenzhen today.  All bottles were in a nice and tidy cushion coat. Thank you for your pretty work on packaging.
Great shopping experience with you.
Thanks again.
Yanxin, Shenzhen, China, January 2014

The Sandalwood is just the best I have come across, such a quality and unusual dimension that I haven’t so far encountered. The Kunzea and Fragonia are special.
Lydia, Ocean Grove, Victoria, May 2013

I was able to return to gym with 1 day and everything has returned to normal again, thanks to your Kunzea.
Thank you again.
Belinda M, Byron Bay, New South Wales, March 2013

I would just like to congratulate you and also thank you for producing such a wonderful treatment product for my irritated skin.
I have tried  products like Proactiv, which I found to be harsh on my skin. Your Australian Sandalwood essential oil product is by far the best treatment I have ever used for my face, it starting working from day 1, it is completely non irritant and best of all I only use a fraction of a drop each time.
I feel I will be using your beautiful Sandalwood oil whenever a irritated skin breakout occurs for the rest of my life.
Thank you so, so much Essentially Australia.
Aileen A. , Vancouver Island, Canada,  January 2013

While living in Australia, I recently tried Essentially Australia’s Australian Blue Cypress essential. It was on the insistence of my friend Greg Trevena for the treatment of a very persistent condition which I had had on the underside of my left foot for around one year. I had tried quite a few creams and nothing had done a thing.
I then let Greg apply 1 small drop of Australian Blue Cypress oil to the problem, he then band aided it, to trap the oil in.
After 1 solidarity drop applied once a week for 4 weeks, I got the shock of my life to see the condition all but gone in its totality. I was absolutely delighted to say the least, to rid myself of this ugly condition.
Thanks Australian Blue Cypress and thanks Essentially Australia.
Kerry, Bangalow, New South Wales, Australia,  December 2012

‘We love the beautiful lemon aroma in your wonderful Lemon Myrtle essential oil’.
Braggs family, Adelaide, South Australia, November 2012

Dear Essentially Australia, I have recently tried your Lemon Myrtle natural soap, having suffered from irritated skin most of my adult life, I have had the most remarkable results from using your Lemon Myrtle soap. The irritated skin has been greatly reduced, I can’t thank you enough for such a great product which has truly changed my skin.
Neil, Adelaide, South Australia, November 2012 

Your Fragonia oil has been wonderful in settling my nerves and emotions, I have recently experienced a very poor relationship with a former partner, which ended a few months ago, your Fragonia essential oil has ‘helped me move on’ de-stress after a very poor experience….
Melissa (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) September 2012