Australian Sandalwood Nut Carrier Oil


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An excellent skin and hair moisturiser, excellent in skin and hair care products and formulations.


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Australian Sandalwood Nut Carrier Oil

Australian Sandalwood nut carrier oil is unique and exceptional, it is a supreme skin moisturiser. Its also great for softening the scalp and hair, it makes hair softer and smoother, great for fizzy hair. It is an excellent massage or carrier oil. It is ideal in skin cream formulations.

Botanical name:  Santalum spicatum 

Ingredients: 100% v/v pure Australian Sandalwood nut oil of the Sandalwood (kernel), extracted by CO2 distillation.

Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil Aroma:

Australian Sandalwood nut oil has a mild woody, green odour the oil is a pale green to clearishamber colour.

Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil Benefits:

Australian Sandalwood nut oil has excellent emollient qualities, is non sticky and very smooth. The oil is extremely moisturising to the skin, scalp and hair.  it is excellent an anti ageing product. Sandalwood nut oil readily accepts essential oils being mixed with it.


Apply a few drops of our Australian Sandalwood Nut oil directly to the skin for a 100% natural and effective anti-age treatment

Australian Sandalwood Nut Carrier Oil Uses:

Use to moisturise and soften the skin, also soften and moisturise the hair, decrease hair frizziness. It is excellent for the scalp as a moisturiser and scalp softener. Use as a straight massage oil or blend into another massage oil.
Blend essential oils into it for massage, use as a moisturising ingredient/emollient in cosmetic formulations, apply direct to aged skin.

Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil

Northern Sandalwood Tree


Directions and More Uses:

Modern Day Aromatherapy Uses

Carrier oil for massage, cosmetic formulations, soaps, body lotions, body butters, lip balm, it is an excellent emollient, it spreads smoothly and evenly.

Blends with:

Blends into other massage or carrier oils. Also suitable blended with essential oils and used in massage or skin cream formulations.
Try blending with Essentially Australia Oils: Australian Rose Essential Oil, Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, Fragonia Essential Oil, Kunzea Essential Oil


Use as is, straight from the bottle, pour into an open bowl or dispense from a pump bottle.

Food Flavouring:

Do not use as a food flavouring, Sandalwood seeds were not a food of choice with Australian indigenous people.

Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil Key Chemical Constituents:

oleic acid, ximenyic acid, linoleic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic and linoleic acid.

Other Common Names:

Western Australian Sandalwood Nut.

Indigenous Australian name in Pilbara region, Putatu.

Natural Occurrence in Australia:
A very widespread tree, found in nearly all of Western Australia, except the Kimberleys. Also found in South Australia on Eyre Peninsula, Flinders Ranges, northern Mt Lofty Ranges and possibly into the Broken Hill region of New South Wales.

Macadamia Oil Characteristics:

Thick, viscous consistency, similar to Almond oil in consistency.


There has been consumer research into the skin benefits on a sample group of Australian people. The results found that participants reported their skin felt softer, their face felt more moist and supple, there were less wrinkles and flakiness. there were also good reports on the benefits to the skin on the hands, neck and around the eyes.

Extraction and Farming Method:

Australian Sandalwood plantations now total over 14,000 hectares, primarily in the wheat belt of Western Australian. Nut production has begum in recent in years, it is anticipated trees will be ready for harvest for timber and essential oil production around 2018/19.

The trees are grown conventionally in plantations with a host tree (usually an Acacia called Raspberry Jam Acacia – Acacia acuminata) planted within a metre or so of an Australian Sandalwood tree. The Sandalwood trees find moisture and nutrients from the Wattle/Acacia tree, without killing the Acacia/host tree.

Nuts are  harvested, mechanically processed (nut cracking of the hard woody shell). The nut kernel is then placed into a machine where the oil is extracted via super critical CO2 distillation.  This distillation uses no heat and produces the best oil, with little to nothing lost in the processing of the nut.

History – Sandalwood Nut Oil:

Traditional Usage

The nuts were prised for moisturising the skin, hair and scalp by indigenous people for centuries around Western and South Australia. Today the indigenous people still harvest Australian Sandalwood trees.

Early European Usage

The kernel was not used very much it seems by colonial Australians.

Present Day Usage

This is a very new and exciting carrier oil to the cosmetic and aromatic industries. A lot of research has been done on this oil and it has been approved by government regulatory authorities for use on the skin and scalp.


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  2. Excellent oil for soothing and smoothing skin and does not clog the pores. I add a blend of Rosemary and German Chamomile essential oil at 5% dilution for extra benefits. This oil may not be suitable if your skin is very dry, best to try the macadamia oil.

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    • Hi Julie, thanks for sharing what you are doing, it is interesting to know what you are doing and that it works for you!

  3. Hands Down the best Sandalwood Nut Oil on the market! Happy customer! ????

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    • Thanks Rebecca, we really appreciate your orders and satisfaction with us, regards, Greg

  4. Bought this for my son for his face. He likes the smell, which is great. Bit jealous and wish I kept it for myself!

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Australian Sandalwood Nut Carrier Oil Australian Sandalwood Nut Carrier Oil
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