Australia is a unique country with an equally unique and distinctive array of natural aromas to experience.
The essential oils Australia has to offer, are known for their fresh, clean and green character. Australian essential oils are refreshing, balancing and different to other, traditional essential oils.

Australian essential oils have one element in common: almost all oils are characterised as fresh or refreshing. This fresh element is particularly dominant in Eucalyptus essential oils, such as the fruity and refreshing Eucalyptus Australiana and more common Eucalyptus Blue Gum.

As stated above, the essential oils Australia is rich, are different to other, more common and traditional essential oils. For example, Anise Myrtle contains the dominant constituent anethola, just like traditional Anise Seed essential oils. But Australia’s Anise Myrtle essential oil has around 1,8 cineole at around 1%. This small percentage creates a significant difference between Anise Myrtle and other Anise/Anise Seed type essential oils found elsewhere in the world, with Anise Myrtle often described as more fresh.

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Essential Oils Australia

Mount Wollumbin in the distance. Not far from our home in Byron Bay! Here wild Lemon Tea Tree is found.



Another trait many of the essential oils found in Australia have in common, is their mood lifting effect. Typically, Australian essential oils in the lemon varieties, such as Lemon Myrtle, Honey Myrtle, Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark, Lemon Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Lemon Scented Gum, are classified as uplifting essential oils that assist with creating a positive, elevated mood and energy at home.



Some of Australia’s most popular essential oils have a more calming and balancing effect.
For instance, Australian Sandalwood has a very grounding and centring effect. Australian Sandalwood essential oil is often described as a smoother, more pleasant alternative to the sharper Indian Sandalwood. Then, Fragonia helps balance the mind and emotions. Also, Rosalina and Anise Myrtle assist with deep rest and relaxation.

This balancing effect of Australia’s essential oils is all about centring people’s energies and help relief them from the stresses of daily life.


Essential Oils Australia

An Iconic Australian Billabong Landscape. A great spot to relax at in the shade!

There are many other wonderful healthy and wellness benefits of the essential oils Australia has to offer. Two of the most unique and best Australian essential oils developed in the last decade may be Kunzea and Fragonia.
Kunzea essential oil is supreme for joint and muscle relief. It has a fresh and herbal Australian bush aroma.
Fragonia essential oil has a most beautiful layered aroma, featuring notes of Eucalyptus, floral and fruity notes, and a woody undertone. Fragonia essential oil is an excellent choice for deep relaxation and emotional balancing.

The number of undiscovered Australian essential oils is hard to estimate. However, it is our mission to continue discovering, growing and sharing the best of Australia’s essential oils with you!



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