Best quality essential oils in Australia


At Essentially Australia, quality is at the top of our priority list. We are proud to go to great lengths to ensure we provide the best quality essential oils in Australia, and also the best quality Australian essential oils in the world. Many of our first time customers keep coming back to our oils valuing Essentially Australia as a truly unique, authentic and overall best Australian essential oil company they have come in contact with. At Essentially Australia we pride ourselves for offering the largest range of 100% pure Australian essential oils. Our oils are sourced from all [...]

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A BRIGHT PINK BEAUTY NAMED KIMBERLEY HEATH You might have already heard us talk about Kimberley Heath essential oil in one of our social media posts. However, we knew it to be really worthwhile dedicating a whole blog post to this rare and precious floral gem. Wild-harvested in the region of Northern Australia, and extracted by steam distillation of its fresh beautiful bright pink flowers, our Kimberley Heath has the most wonderful complex yet uplifting & fresh aroma full of floral notes, and can be regarded one of the finest and rarest natural perfumes in the world. Kimberley [...]




Manuka oil shares many of the same wellness benefits as Tea Tree oil. However its aroma is considered to be more pleasant and soothing than Tea Tree oil.   MANUKA OIL IN AUSTRALIA Manuka is a species of flowering plant in the myrtle family, native to south-east Australia and New Zealand. It’s one of the most widespread species in the Leptospermum genus. Plants naturally occur in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand, where it is one of the most widespread and important native shrub species. Sometimes confused with the related species kānuka, there is an easy way to tell the difference between these [...]


Boronia Perfume from the Boronia Flower


Our collection of Australian essential oils offers interesting and unique material to work with for perfume makers and creators of scented products. Our brown Boronia oil is one of the oils particularly attractive for perfume making. We offer both 100% pure Boronia Absolute and 3% Boronia Absolute in Jojoba oil. Brown Boronia oil, extracted from the Boronia flower (Boronia megastima), has a truly wonderful and unique earthy and sweet fragrance. Although it can be worn as a complete perfume on its own, featuring berry/fruity top and middle notes and a warm woody base note, Boronia flower essential oil [...]

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Eucalyptus Essential Oils: Cleansing & Refreshing


Chances are likely that when you think about Australian essential oils, you think about Eucalyptus. For a good reason. Australia has some of the best - if not the best - eucalyptus oils on the planet. With their refreshing and cleansing qualities, Eucalyptuses are not to be missed in your collection! Essentially Australia prides itself for offering an extensive range of Eucalyptus oils grown in Australia. Our collection includes bestsellers such as the fruity and fresh Eucalyptus Australiana (Eucalyptus radiata) - the best Eucalyptus oil in the world! - and the very popular Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark.   [...]

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Rosalina Oil


Rosalina Oil Rosalina Location and Occurrence Rosalina trees (Melaleuca ericifolia) are a small tree 3 to 8 metres high, they produce a white flower in abundance in late spring. Rosalina trees are found in wetlands and beside streams from Port Macquarie, in mid north New South Wales to Tasmania. The tree was first reported by Europeans in 1797 by British botantist James Edward Smith. Rosalina Oil Beginnings There are no recordings of indigenous use but it is also certain they would have used the plant. Rosalina oil was first analysed and reported by pioneering Australian chemist and botantist [...]

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Sandalwood Essential Oil


The Best Sandalwood Oil Ever For centuries, Indian Sandalwood has been regarded as the Sandalwood essential oil. With the European settlement of Australia we are beginning to discover it's amazing floral diversity including our own Sandalwood species. Our Sandalwood Oil is described as ... Respected perfumier, Valerie Gearon, describes our sandalwood oil as 'dry, sweet, slightly terpenic top note, lactonic heart, with slight hay aspects, very woody, balsamic base, very tenacious, sweet dry down'. Our Sandalwood oil appears as a clear, crisp, bright oil, just a little viscous (like honey) and has no fine particles. History in Australia [...]

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History of Australian Essential Oil


History of Australian Essential Oil Indigenous Use The history of Australian essential oil starts thousands of years ago, indigenous people across all parts of Australia used hundreds of native Australian plants for a variety of medicinal uses. Most of the time, it was the essential oils in those plants which they were benefiting from. Australian plants were used for colds, cuts, sores, sore or swollen muscles, skin complaints and repelling insects. There were also plants with pleasant aromas which were burnt for a variety of effects. In the ‘Outback’, Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) timber and leaves were burnt to [...]

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Fragonia Essential Oil


In March 2013, we visited the only Fragonia essential oil plantations in the world in south west Western Australia. Where we videoed and learnt a lot more about Fragonia essential oil. The Beginning of Fragonia Essential Oil Fragonia was first recognised as plant with commercial potential as far back as 1996. It had been used in the cut flower industry, as a fragrant flower. In 2000 botantist Chris Robinson,  introduced the present growers of Fragonia to the plant for the first time. Up until then the plant had been harvested for the cut flower market. After many kilometres [...]

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Kunzea Oil


Kunzea Oil Kunzea essential oil could potentially be one of the greatest essential oils Australia has ever produced. There is a mix or a composition of several special constituents which give Kunzea oil its special properties and uses. Kunzea oil is soft and gentle, so for most people the oil can be applied direct to the skin, Kunzea oil is also readily absorbed by the skin. This essential oil is a relatively new Australian essential oil, it was a plant noticed by early settlers who witnessed native animals sleeping under wild Kunzea bushes, so they called the understorey [...]

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