Australian Blue Cypress essential oil is a unique naturally blue coloured Australian essential oil with many great health benefits. For instance, it’s an excellent essential oil for calming our body and mind in stressful times.

Blue Cypress has a beautiful smooth, woody aroma with smokey honey notes. Our Australian Blue Cypress essential oil is a very versatile oil and can be applied in many different ways.

Blue Cypress essential oil uses:

It’s very easy to use Australian Blue Cypress oil for a calming, grounding energy in the home. Simply add a few drops to an aroma diffuser or burner. Tip: try our new Banksia Pod Aroma Diffuser

Alternatively, add drops to a bath or massage oil for a luxurious wellness experience.

Blue Cypress oil is an excellent oil for meditation because of its calming and grounding properties. It also makes an excellent fixative solution in natural perfume making because of the base note (woody, balsamic) that Blue Cypress oil offers.

Interesting fact: did you know Blue Cypress oil has excellent anti-bacterial potential? Australian Blue Cypress essential oil is a great addition to hygiene lotions and creams, for example. Moreover, Blue Cypress oil is one of our best essential oils for keeping buzzies away at dusk and dawn. Blue Cypress oil can be safely applied to the skin.

How to blend Blue Cypress oil

Blend Blue Cypress oil with our Australian Rose essential oil and Australian Sandalwood essential oil for a luxurious wellness experience.

Add a few drops of this blend to a massage oil or body oil. For instance, try our 100% pure and cosmetic grade Macadamia carrier oil. Alternatively, add a drop to pulse points for a beautiful natural perfume for calming and grounding.

You can buy our Australian Blue Cypress essential oil here