Our Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil History

Our Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil History The creator of Essentially Australia, Greg Trevena, first read about Lemon Myrtle in text books on ‘bush tucker’ in 1991, at the same time, other books noted Lemon Myrtle essential oil as having a high citral content. Later in early 1993, he obtained his first dried leaves of Lemon

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

A truly wonderful, uplifting, refreshing lemon aroma for men or women.

Rose (Australian) Essential Oil

Australian Rose is new in 2018, a rich, grounding, calming, rosy perfume like essential oil,

Kimberley Heath Essential Oil

The most wonderful perfume essential oil, its uplifting, fresh, full of floral notes,  finishing with calming woody notes, a pure essential oil from an intensely fragrant flower.

Australia in a Box with Zest Myrtle – Essential Oil Box

Australia’s new essential oil in 2016, Zest Myrtle, set in an essential oil box holding 15 beautiful Australian essential oils, each box set is numbered. 100 only!

Value $415  Save $116

Zest Myrtle Essential Oil

An exclusive, new, invigorating, zesty lemon Australian essential oil.

Australian Sandalwood Nut Carrier Oil

A new, supreme skin, scalp and hair softener and moisturiser, apply direct to dry skin or add a few drops to a hair conditioner.