Fragonia Essential Oil


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Limit of 3 bottle per order, great for calming stress, anxiety, it can balance upset emotions, good for rest.

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Fragonia Essential Oil

Fragonia essential oil is one of Australia’s newest and greatest essential oils, it is unique, with 3 distinct yet equal components, it is incredible to relax with, it is calming, great for emotional stress.

Fragonia essential oil is also good for tired joints or muscles, it is an essential oil you must have in your collection.

Botanical name  Agonis Fragrans                                                          

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Fragonia essential oil.

Our Fragonia plantation essential oil video story, please take a look!

Fragonia Essential Oil Aroma

Fragonia essential oil is unique with 3 aromas in equal amounts, These 3 oil components in balance are argued to help balance people’s emotions and mind. Fragonia essential oil consists of a delicate aroma, a pleasant perfume aroma and a fresh aroma are the three aromas provide the balance.

Fragonia Essential Oil Benefits

Fragonia essential oil has powerful balancing properties, calming, freeing of stress, freeing past emotional problems and blockages, makes peace on the inside, lifting of grief, tranquillity, decrease anxiety, the calming qualities can also assist tired muscles.

Fragonia essential oil is gentle on the skin, can help overcome jet lag or shift work body clock issues.

Fragonia essential oil also freshens the air in a room or environment. Fragonia essential oil is also prised for its anti-bacterial qualities.

Fragonia Essential Oil Uses 

In an oil burner, vaporiser, potpourri, meditation, room freshener, massage oil, baths, use as an attractive perfume odour.

Fragonia essential oil used as a perfume

Fragonia essential oil used by our brand aromatherapist Samantha Ercihsen as a natural perfume



Directions and More Uses

Aromatherapy Oil

2 to 4 drops in an oil burner, 5-10 drops in an aroma mist, a couple of drops in a vaporiser, 1 to 2 drops into a bath.

Blend Fragonia Essential Oil with

Eucalyptus Australiana, Kunzea, Lemon Tea Tree, Australian Sandalwood, Tea Tree.

Massage Fragonia Essential Oil with

10 to 25 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.

Fragonia Essential Oil Characteristics

Fresh, delicate, watery, clear liquid.

Main Actives

1,8 cineole, hydrocarbons (pinenes) and monoterpenols (linalool, geraniol, terpinene-4-ol, terpineol ).


Fragonia essential oil is non toxic, non irritant and non sensitising. Keep out of reach of children, store away from direct sunlight, store below 30 degrees.

Other Common Names

Coarse Tea Tree.

Natural Occurrence in Australia

Fragonia (Agonis fragrans) has limited distribution in south west Western Australia.                                                                         

Research – University of Western Australia – Demonstrated Fragonia essential oil to have significant anti-microbial activity, similar to Tea Tree. The University also demonstrated Fragonia essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr Daniel Penoel – In 2005 he found Fragonia essential oil was anti-inflammatory, fights common respiratory infections, strengthens the immune system, has excellent analgesic properties.

Extraction and Farming Method of Fragonia Essential Oil

Fragonia essential oil is extracted via steam distillation of the stems and branches. Fragonia is grown in plantations around south west Western Australia.

The harvesting is done mechanically, the branchlets and leaves are cut, the leaves are collected and then placed into a stainless steel boiler. The trees are harvested and are then steam distilled for around 1 to 1.5 hours.

History of Fragonia Essential Oil

Traditional Usage

Traditional knowledge on Fragonia has never been recorded and remains unexplored, attempts have been made to contact the local people who live in the same region as Fragonia but no information has been exchanged to date.

Early European Usage

There is no recorded use of the Fragonia plant by early settlers.

Present Day Usage

A husband and wife team, heard about the local plant and explored the plants potential, they began selecting superior genetic varieties, they then established small plantations of Fragonia on their property in south west Western Australia in 2001.

The couple continue to harvest the Fragonia plant for its essential oil. It is from this farm, Essentially Australia secures its Fragonia essential oil.

Fragonia essential oil is a new oil to the aromatherapy industry and has the potential to be a unique, new aroma with many unique properties. Dr Daniel Peneol was introduced to the oil in 2005 by Mark Webb.

Dr Peneol conducted several emotional and psychological trials with the oil and developed the theory of the oils balancing properties. He is a leading international advocate of Fragonia essential oil.

The flower is also cut and used in the florist industry.

Constitution Ranges of Fragonia Essential Oil

alpha-pinene                                        22-27%
beta-pinene                                            1-2%
limonene                                                 2-3%
para-cymene                                          2-4%
1,8 cineole                                            27-33%
linalool                                                    7-13%
terpinene-4-ol                                         2-5%
alpha-terpineol                                        5-8%
myrtenol                                                  3-5%

Optical rotation@ 20C: +12.5
Relative Density@ 20C: 0.900
Refractive index @ 20C: 1.469



Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7 cm


Additional Information

10 reviews for Fragonia Essential Oil

  1. Lydia – Ocean Grove

    I love your oils. The Kunzea and Fragonia are special.

  2. Marco (verified owner)

    Fragonia Essential Oil at the moment is at the top of my best oil list. Mixed with Sandalwood oil it has a beautiful balance to it which is very calming.

  3. Lynette (verified owner)

    Your Fragonia’s aroma is simply delightful and combined with Zunzea is amazing for sore muscles. My mom had a 12% lung capacity improvement after using peppermint gum in her diffuser every night for 3 weeks.
    Her doctor asked what she was doing cause it was unusual to see such improvement in so little time. The only thing that she did was use your Peppermint Gum in the diffuser every night. Thank you for your wonderful oils. Your making this world a better place one drop at a time!

  4. Trinity (verified owner)

    An amazing oil. I’ve only been using for a few days and can already feel the emotional benefits. I’ve been applying it to my throat and back of the neck–I tried between my eyebrows and temples and the results were too strong haha all the emotions.

  5. Troy

    The first one I’ve tried. Amazing! What an effect it has had on my emotions within half an hour of diffusing. Think I’ll get the kit. Can’t wait to see the research soon.

  6. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Fragonia is my new favourite oil. It almost smells like a blend with many different notes to it. We diffuse often and also use in a personal inhaler. Really fresh smell – which doesn’t come close to describing it really but overall thats how I think of it.

  7. Michelle McCarthy (verified owner)

    I especially love Australian essential oils and trying new and unusual scents, so I was pretty excited to try Fragonia. It truly is something special! Like Kunzea, it is a scent I really like to have burning in the winter and cooler months. I love supporting this business – they really do make the best quality essential oils that you can find.

    • admin

      Thanks Michelle, yes the Fragonia is a pretty magic Australian essential oil, we appreciate your endorsement also, best wishes!

  8. Kathleen

    I am thrilled with your beauuutiful Fragonia oil. I purchased it at the most recent AIA conference. What a gift ! Thank you for making the long journey. Your oils are really lovely !

  9. Kara (verified owner)

    Fragonia is undoubtedly a very special essential oil indeed. I find it has a certain transcendent quality, ethereal and magical….offering both an incredible scent and seriously powerful skin healing properties I’ve noticed. Fragonia seems to reach me on a very deep level and it has become my go-to oil when I need some support.
    Every visitor comments on the wonderful smell when I’m diffusing it, so my love and appreciation of Fragonia is being shared constantly!
    Thank you Essentially Australia for introducing me to this heavenly essential oil!

  10. Gillian (verified owner)

    Fragonia is my absolute must have, must not run out of oil. It is simply beautiful. I use it in an incredibly effective anti-congestion blend, to calm and uplift the mood in my house, to clear any stale smells and also with frankincense in a carrier oil as a perfume. I have had so many comments on it. It’s one oil I would not like to run out of.

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