Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (Wood oil)


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A very, earthy, woody, foresty and grounding aroma.

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Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (Wood Oil)

Australian White Cypress essential oil (wood oil), is a mild yellow honey coloured essential oil, naturally enough, it is calming, grounding. It is also good for relieving worry and unhappiness.

Botanical name  Callitris glaucophylla

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Australian White Cypress essential oil (distilled from the wood).

Australian White Cypress Essential Oil Aroma

A very, very earthy, woody, grounding and soothing aroma. A woody smell of the forest floor.  A pleasant scent for both men and women.

Australian White Cypress Wood Oil

Australian White Cypress Wood Oil

Australian White Cypress Essential Oil Benefits

Grounding, calming, relaxing, centering.

Australian White Cypress Essential Oil Uses

In an essential oil burner, essential oil diffuser, perfume fixative  for men’s products, potpourri, massage oils.

Australian White Cypress Trees

Australian White Cypress Trees


Directions and More Uses

Aromatherapy Oil 2 to 4 drops in an oil burner, a couple of drops in a vaporiser, 1 to 2 drops into a bath.

Blend Australian White Cypress Essential oil with

Essentially Australia Oils: Eucalyptus Australiana Essential Oil, Rosalina Essential Oil, White Cypress Leaf Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Peppermint Gum Essential Oil

Massage Australian White Cypress Essential Oil 

5 to 10 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.

Main Compounds

guaiol, eudesmols, sesquiterpenes:


Keep out of reach of children,.
Store away from direct sunlight.
Store below 30 degrees Celsius but keep above 7 degrees Celsius.

Other Common Names

Northern Cypress Pine, White Cypress Pine, Murray Pine Cypress, Jade Cypress.

Australian White Cypress Trees

Australian White Cypress Trees

Natural Occurrence in Australia 

Widespread across the drier interiors of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory. The tree grows up to 20 metres.

Australian White Cypress Essential Oil Characteristics

Honey yellow in colour, viscous (honey like), smooth, sweet woody aroma.


There has been several studies into the termite resistant properties of the timber. The timber has been widely acknowledged as a termite resistant timber.

Extraction and Farming Method

The essential oil is extracted via steam distillation of the stem and branches. White Cypress is sourced from government managed wild stands in Australia. The trees are harvested and steam distilled for around 48 hours. The harvesting of quite big trees requires heavy machinery and a long distillation process which both add to the cost of the oil.

Australian White Cypress grows over the majority of the semi arid New South Wales interior and vast regions of inland Queensland, however some areas have suffered from clearance for grazing animals and agriculture. There has also been some disturbance to the White Cypress due to the changes in fire regimes, weeds and feral animals. The result is in fact, some areas are not maturing as quickly as they should because of loss of traditional management systems eg fire management. The result is the density of White Cypress is often too much and the trees compete too much with each other to fully mature.

History – Australian White Cypress

Traditional Usage

Australia’s  indigenous people have traditionally used Australian White Cypress timber to make spears, spear throwers, ceremonial objects, paddles and musical sticks.  The pine resin was combined with kangaroo dung to make an adhesive substance.

Early European Usage

White Cypress has been harvested for timber since the late 1800’s and the first reserve was set aside in NSW in 1876. The timber is durable and is termite resistant, was used for house construction, flooring, fencing and some fine furniture work.

Present Day Usage

Australian White Cypress essential oil is relatively new to the aromatherapy community. It is generally used for meditation and relaxation.

Today the largest reserve of White Cypress is in the Pilliga region, in north central New South Wales. This reserved area totals 420,000 hectares of which around 65% is Callitris forest cover. This resource appears to be sustainably managed for its timber production, the amount used for essential oil is almost negligible.

Current Chemical Constituents of Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (Wood oil)

citronellic acid                                                        25%
geranic acid                                                             2.2%
myrtenic acid                                                           0.9%
guaiol                                                                    17.5%
gamma-eudesmol                                                  4.1%
beta-eudesmol                                                       6.7%
alpha-eudesmol                                                     8.1%
bulnesol                                                                12.7%
callitrin isomer                                                        0.9%
di-hydro columellarin                                              2.4%
colmellarin                                                              1.3%
di-hydro callitrisin                                                    0.6%

Optical rotation@ 20C: +2 – 2.8
Relative Density@ 20C: 0.967 – 0.995
Refractive index @ 20C: 1.490 – 1.501

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm

12ml, 25ml, 100ml, 1kg

Additional Information

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  1. I’m looking forward to getting to know this oil, purchased on my recent visit to Australia. I’m sure it will be a wonderful addition to my oil collection, and will be grounding and calming.

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  2. Nice aroma!

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  3. This oil is amazing!! Even better than I expected, I put some on my wrists before bed as I like to do sometimes with essential oils, but with this oil, it lasted on my skin the whole night and into the morning, it’s not too strong, but it just gently lingers and every time I’d wake up, I could smell it and it was so relaxing. I have endometriosis so sometimes I have a flare up of pain making it hard to stay asleep and this oil really helped. Glad I got the large bottle and will always keep it on hand, worth every penny.

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    • Thanks for such a good review, it was interesting to read, thank you Sarah!

  4. Loving the very Australian, distinct aromas of these oils. It’s a little soon to give testimonials on therapeutic effect, but the service was excellent and my order very well packaged.

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  5. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

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Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (Wood oil) Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (Wood oil)
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