Rose (Australian) Essential Oil


Australian Rose is new in 2018, a rich, grounding, calming, rosy perfume like essential oil,

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Australian Rose Oil

Australian Rose essential oil is Australia’s newest essential oil straight from the Essentially Australia plantation situated in the Byron Bay hinterland. The aroma of Australian Rose is a wonderful, strong, grounding rose perfumed aroma, with a fresh, fruity element. It is an essential oil from a very rare Australian plant, which we found and grew.

Australian Rose is grounding, calming, boosts self confidence, create happiness, relieves stress, creates a romantic environment. Use as an alternative to traditional Rose essential oil or absolute.

Here is the Australian Rose video story from our very plantation
Botanical name:  Leptospermum petersonii Variety ‘B’ CT ‘Geraniol’

Ingredients: 100% v/v pure Australian Rose essential oil.

Australian Rose Essential Oil Aroma

A truly wonderful, grounding, calming, rosy perfume aroma with a fresh fruity note. Great for perfume lovers.

Australian Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Grounding, calming, boosts self confidence, creates happiness, relieves stress, excellent in skin creams and lotions, strong potential in anti-aging creams and products.

Australian Rose Essential Oil Uses 

Apply to the skin as a perfume, add to a diffuser, oil burner, air freshener, potpourri, bath.


Directions and More Uses

Aromatherapy Oil

Add 1 drop to the skin as a perfume, 2 to 4 drops in a diffuser, oil burner or vaporiser for a beautiful, grounding, calming rose aroma.

Blend Australian Rose Essential Oil with

Australian Rose essential oil is powerful and excellent on its own or blend with woody, spicy, floral oils. Use Australian Rose oil sparingly in blends to avoid overpowering. Try blending Australian Rose oil with other Essentially Australian oils: Australian Sandalwood Essential oil, Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, Rose Myrtle Essential Oil, Byron Bay Rose Essential oil

Main Actives of Australian Rose Essential Oil

Contains geraniol (rose aroma), geranyl acetate (fruity aroma), gamma-terpinene, terpinolene, linalool.

Rose Myrtle flower in December, northern NSW

Australian Rose flowers in December, northern NSW



Keep out of reach of children, patch test first om the skin, store away from direct sunlight, store below 30 degrees.

Other Common Names

Rose scented tea tree,

Natural Occurrence in Australia                                                                                                            

Australian Rose trees naturally occurs in only a couple of hectares in lowland or floodplain country, in northern New South Wales. The tree is extremely rare, Australian Rose grows to a maximum height of 10 metres in the wild where there is high and regular rainfall, in rocky and alluvial soils.

Characteristics of Australian Rose Essential Oil

Clear to amber yellow colour, watery, rosy scent, fresh fruity notes.

Research on Australian Rose Essential Oil

French aromatherapist Nina Bales has completed research on the aromatic, therapeutic and cosmetic potential of Australian Rose oil, she sees great potential in the use for aromatherapy, cosmetic products, like body lotions and skin creams, there is also great potential for anti-aging, stress reduction and assisting with rest and relaxation.

Essentially Australia aromatherapist Samantha in our Byron Bay Rose plantation

Essentially Australia aromatherapist Samantha in our Australian Rose essential oil plantation

Extraction and Farming Method

Australian Rose was grown from seedlings from local but rare Australian Rose plants. The oil is extracted via steam distillation of the leaves and green branchlets. Australian Rose is grown in plantations in the Byron Bay hinterland. Plantation trees are planted in rows, they are hand harvested and are then steam distilled immediately to maintain quality Australian Rose essential oil.

Some of our Rose seedlings, not far off from planting out

Some of our Rose seedlings, not far off from planting out

History – Australian Rose Essential Oil

Traditional Usage

At present there is no knowledge of indigenous use of this plant, however it would be fair to assume, indigenous ladies would have grabbed leaves from the tree and rubbed them on the skin for a lovely perfume effect.

Early European Usage

There is no record of Australian Rose oil being produced and sold previously.

Present Day Usage

Australian Rose oil was exclusively launched by Essentially Australia on the 23rd of May 2018 from Byron Bay.

Chemical Profile of Australian Rose Essential Oil  23rd May 2018                                                       

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Relative Density: @ 20 C 0.886%
Refractive Index @ 20 C 1.4725
Optical Rotation @ 20C +1.13

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