The Best Sandalwood Oil Ever

For centuries, Indian Sandalwood has been regarded as the Sandalwood oil.
However with the relatively recent European settlement of Australia, Australians are slowly beginning to find and understand their own country’s amazing flora, more and more.

Our Sandalwood Oil is described as

Our supreme Sandalwood oil is described by respected perfumier, Valerie Gearon, as ‘dry, sweet, slightly terpenic top note, lactonic heart, with slight hay aspects, very woody, balsamic base, very tenacious, sweet dry down’.

Our Sandalwood oil appears as a clear, crisp, bright oil, it is a little viscous (like honey), it has no fine particles.

Sandalwood Oil History in Australia

Australian Sandalwood timber and logs were first harvested and exported around 1845. In the 1800’s Sandalwood was a significant Western Australia export to Asia. Australian Sandalwood oil was first produced in Australia in the early 1900’s by a company called Plaimar.

Sandalwood oil was used as a medical treatment in Europe via capsules between World War I amd World War II. Antibiotics after World War II, saw the end of Australian Sandalwood oil used as a mainstream medicine.

Sandalwood essential oil has remained an oil of use amongst a small number of aromatherapists in Australia and around the world.

Why Our Supreme Sandalwood Oil Is Now Here

In the last decade, the pioneering of a high quality Sandalwood essential oil has been undertaken and finally developed in south west Western Australia.  The Sandalwood oil we use has the highest santalol content of any Australian Sandalwood oil produced in Australia, being at least 25% santalol. 

What Makes Our Australian Sandalwood Oil The Best In The World?

The Plant Part

One important step in developing the best Sandalwood essential oil was to determine the best part of the tree to harvest. Over several years of various harvesting and distilling trials, it was found that the best part of the tree were the bigger logs and lower the parts of the tree, this included the root parts as well.

santalol levels measured in leaves and high branches was as low as 5%. santalols levels in root parts could be as high as 38%.


Different regions of Western Australia produce populations of Sandalwood with different levels of santalols (and other constituents like farnesol)
A population in north central Western Australia of Sandalwood trees has been identified and proven to contain a highly aromatic and high quality Sandalwood essential oil.

It is from this region where our superior quality Sandalwood is sourced. The population is entirely harvested and managed by an indigenous community.

Distillation Expertise

The final process, is as important as any, the distillation process of our unique, superior grade Sandalwood oil has been developed over many trials over a decade. 

Burnt notes

Sandalwood oil can contain unpleasant burnt notes, if the distillation facilities are poor. Poor steam control, poor steam supply and uncontrolled condensor temperatures will add burnt notes to Sandalwood oil.

Terpenic Notes

Some components of Sandalwood oil have a low boiling point, usually these are terpenic constituents, these unpleasant components must be removed at the early stages of distillation, if not the Sandalwood oil will be tainted by terpenic notes.

Water controls

Water ending up in Sandalwood oil will tarnish the aroma. Water will affect Sandalwood essential oil if the base container has water in it or the distillation equipment is not perfect. 

Please enjoy the best Sandalwood Oil ever!