Boronia Absolute Oil


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A prestigious, classic, intense, flowery Australian aroma.

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Boronia Absolute Oil

Boronia Absolute is an intensely rich flowery aroma, initially combining the natural green freshness of cassis, with the character of ripening hay. It develops the exotic fruit undertones of yellow freesias with a slight woody dry-out.

Botanical name  Boronia megastigma

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Boronia Absolute (distilled by non chlorinated solvent extraction of the flowers and leaves).

Boronia Absolute Oil Aroma

An intense flowery aroma in combination with the green freshness of cassis and ripening hay. The aroma then develops an exotic fruit undertone of yellow freesias with a slight woody dry out.

Boronia Absolute Oil Benefits

Uplifting, refreshing and energising.

Boronia perfume

Making perfume with Boronia oil

Boronia Absolute Oil Uses

Add to perfumes with its rich, intense aroma and long lasting properties.

Also makes an excellent food flavour enhancer for citrus and berry formulations.

Boronia perfume essential oil

Boronia up close

MORE INFO on Boronia Absolute Oil

Directions and More Uses

Food Flavouring

Add to enhance citrus and fruit flavours, add 1 or 2 drops per litre or kilogram of main food

CAS Number 91771-36-7 / 8053-33-6

FEMA Number 2167

Aromatherapy Oil

1 to 2 drops in an oil burner, add to other perfumes.

Blend Boronia Absolute Oil with

Essentially Australia Oils: Australian Rose Essential Oil, Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Australiana Essential Oil, Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, Honey Myrtle Essential Oil

Massage and Boronia Absolute Oil 

1 to 2 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.

Best Essential Oils Guide

Boronia plantation

Other Common Names

Mountain Pepper, Cornish Pepper Leaf, Brown Boronia.

Natural Occurrence in Australia 

Boronia megastigma grows up to a metre high and is found in south west Western Australia, between Albany and Perth.

Other Information

Boronia was named after the 18th century Italian botanist Francesco Borone.

Current Analysis of Main Active Compounds

alpha-pinene                                    0.59%
sabinene                                           0.25%
beta-pinene                                      0.35%
delta-3-carene                                 0.65%
alpha-terpinolene                            1.64%
dihydro beta ionone                        1.37%
dihydro beta ionol                            1.00%
beta-ionone                                    28.45%
dodecanol                                          1.57%
bicyclogermacrene                           1.05%
spathulenol                                        0.84%
dodecyl acetate                                 5.68%
methyl jasmonate isomer                 3.43%
methyl iso jasmonate                        2.24%
heptadec-8-ene                              33.30%
methyl hydroxy cinnamate              1.63%

Specific Gravity @ 20 Celsius 0.945 to 0.965
Refractive Index@ 20 Celsius 1.45 to 1.52


Store below 10 Celsius is recommended and away from sunlight.

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1ml, 12ml, 25ml, 100ml, 1kg

Additional Information

7 reviews for Boronia Absolute Oil

  1. Tania (verified owner)

  2. Janelle Lyons (verified owner)

    A beautifully fragrant oil which I use for special occasions, especially when the famiky needs uplifting.

  3. LEE VIRGO (verified owner)

    Beautiful product. All paperwork sent on request thankyou!

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Thanks Lee

  4. Dana L. (verified owner)

    Excellent products and service

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Thank you Dana, we appreciate your positive comments, Greg

  5. Lorraine Murphy (verified owner)

    Essentially Australias’ Boronia essential oil has an exquisite purity of fragrance.
    An essential oil that stands alone for perfume as the Base, Heart and Top notes are already included.

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Its a nice one, woody and florally

  6. Anna

    Mind blowing! Sensational aroma 🥰!

    Thank you Greg 🙏💚

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Thank You Anna!, much appreciated, Greg

  7. Ali Erkekli (verified owner)

    I had heard so many great things about Boronia oil over the years. Now that I have finally tried it, my mind was well and truly blown!

    What I had heard, definitely did not do it justice. This Boronia Absolute it has an incredibly complex, deep and lingering scent profile that is excitingly so very multi-dimensional.
    It is tenacious, earthy, rich, with elements of hay, floral, soft-almost cinnamon spice and fruity notes coupled with the comforting aspects of dry wood and nuances of tobacco. It is so versatile and it stirs the soul. Absolutely magical.

    As an artisanal perfumer, I’m constantly on the hunt of discovering new and wonderful oils and components to enhance the quality and beauty of my brand.

    The last time I was this taken aback and mesmerised with any oil was a few years ago, when I discovered the chameleonic beauty that is Osmanthus Absolute. This Boronia matches the incredible quality. So much so that I hope to create and release a fragrance in the future which has Boronia as the headline act, chock full of this absolute and just the thought of this prospective gem, inspires me, no end!

    Kudos, Greg! You have a magnificent product alongside your wonderful service. Thank you.

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Thats was a very constructive and positive comment, much appreciated, we hope you love your next order and new oils, Greg

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