Australian Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil


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A gentler Sandalwood aroma with an array of floral notes. Lovely as a perfume on the skin.

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Australian Northern Sandalwood Oil

Northern Sandalwood essential oil is sourced from wild populations in western Queensland. Northern Sandalwood oil is a beautiful Sandalwood oil, woody, earthy but with gentle, soft floral, rose and orange notes compared to traditional Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum).

3 Tonnes of Northern Sandalwood timber was burned at the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi.

Botanical name  Santalum lanceolatum                                                    

Ingredients 100% v/v pure  Northern Sandalwood essential oil. (Santalum lanceolatum essential oil)

Take a look at our Northern Sandalwood essential oil video, it was filmed in South Australia

Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil Aroma

Northern Sandalwood essential oil aroma is smooth, fragrant, earthy, woody aroma like traditional Australian Sandalwood with a beautiful soft floral, rose and orange notes, compared to our traditional Australian Sandalwood oil.

When applied to the skin, initially the woody aroma is a little less powerful than other Sandalwoods, however after 5 minutes, the oil on the skin smells wonderful, with many strong, distinct perfume notes, which are very calming.

Pleasant for men, women and children. (More pleasant than Indian Sandalwood oil, Santalum album).


Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil for perfume

Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits

Northern Sandalwood essential oil benefits are it is relaxing, grounding, calming, improves mental clarity, stills the mind.

Northern Sandalwood oil benefits also include, aiding meditation, or use as a gentle aphrodisiac, another surprising Sandalwood oil benefit.

Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

Northern Sandalwood essential oil uses include using in a diffuser, oil burner, vaporiser, perfume fixative or base, potpourri, massage oil, bath or add to a perfume for a woody base addition.

Northern Sandalwood essential oil

Northern Sandalwood log next to Australian Sandalwood & nuts

MORE INFO on Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil

Directions and More Uses

Northern Sandalwood Aromatherapy

2 to 4 drops in an oil burner, a couple of drops in a diffuser or vaporiser, 1-4 drops into a bath, a beautiful Sandalwood aromatherapy experience!

Blending ideas and Northern Sandalwood Aromatherapy 

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Main Actives of Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil

alpha-santalol, lanceol, nuciferol, cis-beta-curcamen-12ol, epi-alpha-bisalobol, trans-farnesol, cis-beta-santalol, trans-alpha-bergamotol.

santalol: it is known to release endorphins into the brain and stimulate the pineal gland, releasing tension by slowing the mind and breathing.

farnesol: is known as an anti-microbial and bacteriostat.

geranyl acetone: floral compound.

farnesyl acetone: subtle rosiness

nuciferols: orange aroma


Keep out of reach of children, store away from direct sunlight, store below 30 degrees.

Other Common Names

Queensland Sandalwood, Desert Peach, True Sandalwood, Sandalwood, Plumwood.

Natural Occurrence in Australia                                                                                              

Northern Sandalwood is widespread in Western Australia’s Kimberley region and the Pilbara region through most of the Northern Territory, through to the west and north of Queensland, western New South Wales, there are also occurrences of the tree in northern South Australia and north west Victoria. Like other Australian Santalums, the tree is parasitic, that is, it feeds on the roots of a neighbouring tree to gain moisture and nutrients.

Northern or Queensland Sandalwood Oil Characteristics

Clear to brown, viscous (honey like), smooth, sweet woody aroma (with floral, rose and orange notes).

Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil

Northern Sandalwood Tree

Extraction and Farming Method of Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil 

Northern Sandalwood essential oil is extracted via steam distillation of the stem, branches and rootball.

Northern or Queensland Sandalwood is grown in small plantation areas in Queensland and Western Australia, at present the small supply of Northern Sandalwood is coming from wild harvesting.

They are machine harvested and are then steam distilled for around 4-7  days. This long distillation process adds significantly to the cost of the oil.

History – Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil

Traditional Usage

There is documented evidence of traditional use of Northern Sandalwood in Australia, the fruit was eaten by indigenous people, the leaves were placed on a bed to assist in rheumatic conditions, the timber may have also been new mothers who would crouch over the aromatic smoke of Sandalwood leaves and wood chips for a period of time. Leaves and twigs were burnt to repel insects.

Early European Usage

Northern Sandalwood has been sporadically harvested for over 100 years in Australia for export to Asian counties for its oil source and fragrant timber.

The tree was also harvested for its timber for fragrant furniture making.

Present Day Usage

Northern Sandalwood essential oil is being rediscovered by the aromatherapy community and others seeking natural products.

Northern Sandalwood essential oil is used for meditation and relaxation.

3 Tonnes of Northern or Queensland Sandalwood was used at the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi.

Indian Sandalwood and other exotic Sandalwoods

Due to the scarcity of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album), Indian Sandalwood is quite often adulterated with the addition of such things as polyethylene glycols, African Sandalwood, castor oil and coconut oil.

There are also varieties of Indonesian and Chinese Sandalwood, however these are not as good as Northern Sandalwood essential oil, it is guaranteed 100% pure.

Chemical Profile Range of Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil                                                                 

cis-alpha-santalol                                                                    4.48%
epi-alpha-santalol                                                                   1.51%
cis-beta-santalol                                                                      0.23%
epi-beta-santalol                                                                      0.40%
alpha-santalol acetate                                                            1.08%
trans-beta-santalol                                                                  1.52%
beta-bisabolol                                                                          0.65%
epi-alpha-bisabolol                                                                 3.01%
beta-bisabolene                                                                       2.34%
trans-alpha-bergamotol                                                          0.42%
cis-lanceol                                                                               22.08%
trans-farnesol                                                                            3.31%
cis-nuciferol                                                                            10.45%
cis gamma-curcumen-12-ol                                                   4.95%
cis-beta-curcumen-12-ol                                                         6.78%
gamma-curcumene                                                                  0.57%
beta-curcumene                                                                       1.01%
beta-sinensal                                                                            2.14%
alpha-sinensal                                                                          3.59%
nerolidol                                                                                   1.82%

Optical Rotation@ 20 C: -16 to +4
Relative Density@ 20 C: 0.945-0.980
Refractive Index @ 20 C: 1.500 to 1.517

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Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 7 cm

12ml, 25ml, 100ml, 1kg

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  2. This scent is very much Sandalwood in nature and reminds me of two related scents: Santalum Caledonicum or Austrocaledonicum (Vanuatu and New Caledonia) and to a lesser degree Eremophila Mitchellii, or Buddha Wood. Very pleasant indeed, and I do get the rose notes, though the aroma is quite volatile and fleeting. I personally can wear this neat on my skin with no irritation, which is ‘lagniappe’…

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    • Thanks for the positivity and satisfaction with this oil, best wishes Greg

  3. The depth and sweetness of this sandalwood, especially undiluted, is my number one oil. It is my signature sent for my facecream, and my favourite oil, to dab on any time.

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    • That is good to hear Elise, thanks for choosing so many of our oils!

  4. Simply lovely!, thanks Greg

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  5. Love the sweet, calming scent. I mixed it with my body oil and I didn’t get any allergic reaction after applying. Great customer service from Greg & team also. Thank you.

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    • Thanks Deasy, we appreciate you like our fast service, best wishes, Greg

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