Essentially Australia is very proud and appreciative that Alice Moffett has embraced the use of our Australian native essential oils to further her passion of using unique, traditional plant products in everyday living.

Throughout her travels in the Amazon and Indonesian archipelago, Alice has learnt ancient knowledge from indigenous communities about traditional plant use.

Alice became passionate about Essentially Australia, having seen the product range in a retail shop in her home town of Byron Bay. She quickly learnt of the incredible number of applications Australia’s native essential oils could be used for in her fields of interest.

 “I conduct local, council supported ‘Green’ cleaning courses and I see many wonderful applications and chemical free solutions using Australian native essential oils”. Lemon Myrtle is just one of the Australian essential oils with great antibacterial properties and a wonderful uplifting aroma.

“These Australian essential oils make cleaning, a happy, safe experience instead of a toxic chore”.

I believe Australia’s native essential oils help people connect to place.

When people learn about the Australian environment and what it possesses, they value that environment more, the more they value it, the more they do to preserve it and use it sustainably. As a result I now promote the use of Australian plants wherever possible in my permaculture design consultancy.

Working in rainforest conservation for years, I know how closely people hold the forest to their hearts; these oils now provide a way to bring the forest into our everyday lives easily and sustainably.

“I feel that everyone can benefit and improve their sense of well-being with the use of these oils, thank you Greg and Essentially Australia for making such a beautiful, earth-honouring product”.

Alice Moffett email: alice@selfseed.com.au