I would just like to congratulate you and also thank you for producing such a wonderful Acne treatment product. 

I have suffered from Acne for most of my adult life and have tried almost every product and idea on the market, including brands like Proactiv, which I found to be harsh on my skin. Your Australian Sandalwood essential oil product is by far the best treatment I have ever used for my facial Acne, it starting working from day 1, it is completely non irritant and best of all I only use a fraction of a drop each time. 

I feel I will be using your beautiful Sandalwood oil whenever a breakout occurs for the rest of my life.  

Thank you so, so much Essentially Australia.

Aileen A.  (Vancouver Island, Canada)  June 2012


While living in Australia, I recently tried Essentially Australia’s Australian Blue Cypress essential. It was on the insistence of my friend Greg Trevena for the treatment of a very persistent Verruca condition which I had had on the underside of my left foot for around one year. I had tried quite a few wart creams and nothing had done a thing. I let him take a photo of the wart before his treatment.

I then let Greg apply 1 small drop of Australian Blue Cypress oil to the wart, he then band aided it, to trap the oil in.

After 1 solidarity drop applied once a week for 4 weeks, I got the shock of my life to see the blighter all but gone in its totality. I was absolutely delighted to say the least, to rid myself of this ugly condition.

Thanks Australian Blue Cypress and thanks Essentially Australia.

Belinda M (Byron Bay, New South Wales)

After straining a muscle in the side of my ribs, following too much exercise, I applied some of your Kunzea essential oil direct to the affected area. Within 10 minutes, I was feeling relief, however the next day the soreness had decreased significantly. I was able to return to gym with 1 day and everything has returned to normal again, thanks to your Kunzea. Thank you again.

Kerry (Byron Bay, New South Wales)  


‘We love the beautiful lemon aroma in your wonderful Lemon Myrtle essential oil’.

Braggs family, (Adelaide, South Australia) Aug 2012


Dear Essentially Australia, I have recently tried your Lemon Myrtle natural soap, having suffered from Psoriasis most of my adult life, I have had the most remarkable results from using your Lemon Myrtle soap. The weeping and dry scaly skin has been greatly reduced, I can’t thank you enough for such a great product which has truly changed my skin.

Neil (Adelaide, South Australia) 


My eight year old daughter had a horrible fungus on 7 of her toenails, the toenails were yellowish brown and the toenails were somewhat raised from her toes. I applied some of your Lemon Myrtle essential oil on this toenail fungus and there was almost an immediate effect, within a week the fungus was gone and her toenails had returned to normal…….thanks to your Lemon Myrtle essential oil…….I just wanted to say also, our home smells beautiful with your Lemon Myrtle essential oil in our oil burner. Regards

Azriel (Possum Creek, New South Wales)