Kunzea Oil

Kunzea essential oil could potentially be one of the greatest essential oils Australia has ever produced.

There is a mix or a composition of several special constituents which give Kunzea oil its special properties and uses.

Kunzea oil is soft and gentle, so for most people the oil can be applied direct to the skin, Kunzea oil is also readily absorbed by the skin.

This essential oil is a relatively new Australian essential oil, it was a plant noticed by early settlers who witnessed native animals sleeping under wild Kunzea bushes, so they called the understorey plant ‘Tick Bush’, however not much happened beyond this, regarding Kunzea oil.

Kunzea oil has been developed in north east Tasmania by a farmer, who noticed how well the state of his fences were, which were growing alongside Kunzea bushes on his farm. Other fences of the same age on the farm were severely rusted.

This farmer eventually distilled the leaves and branchlets of the bush for the production of the oil. He applied the pure oil to himself and members of his extended family. He did harvest different Kunzea plants from different parts of his farm and found variations in the quality of the Kunzea oil he produced. He soon identified which were the plants with ‘the best oil’.

Some amazing results began to emerge. The effects were so impressive and consistent that a certain variety of Kunzea oil has been registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration (of Australia).

Kunzea Oil Constitution

The oil is made up of several special constituents, some of which had not been understood fully until recent times.

Kunzea oil is made of usually around 25-40% alpha-pinene. Alpha-pinene is now known as an excellent anti-inflammatory. Kunzea oil also contains 1,8 cineole, the major constituent found in Eucalyptus oil, so Kunzea oil is good for breathing. Eucalyptus is also a known antiseptic.

Kunzea essential oil also contains viridfloral which has many excellent properties..

The oil also contains Calominene at 1-2%. Japanese research shows Calominene has some remarkable properties which will be discussed in another blog regarding Kunzea oil.

Kunzea Oil Champion – Dr Daniel Penoel

Over the last decade, world renown Dr Daniel Penoel, a French physician, has been extolling the unique properties of Kunzea essential oil.

Dr Peneol believes the five different sesquiterpene compounds found in Kunzea essential oil is rare. Kunzea oil possesses bicyclogermacrene, globulol, ledol, spathulenol and viridfloral. These Sesquiterpene compounds are now considered important when dealing with tired muscles.

Kunzea essential oil is good for irritated skin.

Dr Penoel also suggests using Kunzea oil for cases of tired muscles. He has suggested using Kunzea essential oil and Sandalwood essential oil together for tired muscles.

Dr Penoel, has also in the last decade equally extolled the virtues of Fragonia, another new essential oil Australia has only again recently begun to get to know, he has probably been the best respected practitioner to actively promote these two essential oils Australia is just starting to experience.

Kunzea Oil Uses

This essential oil Australia has can be added to an oil burner. A couple of drops can be added to a diffuser or vaporiser.

Baths, footbaths and spas are greatly improved by the addition of 2-10 drops of Kunzea oil. The bathrooms will also be smelling fresh from the addition of  the oil  in the bathing water.

Kunzea oil can be applied neat to the skin but skin test first with a drop of Kunzea oil to the back of the hand. If a reaction occurs, dilute Kunzea oil down to 10% with a vegetable oil (Macadamia oil).

Irritated red skin on teenagers can be greatly improved by the application of this remarkable oil, in this case dilute the oil.

In summary Kunzea oil is an exciting new essential oil Australia has only just started to get to know. Kunzea oil not only reminds you of the Australian bush, it just might be the Australian bush with one of the greatest essential oils Australia has ever produced.

Kunzea oils Aroma

Kunzea oil – Top note: Fresh (like a very pleasant variety of Eucalyptus)
Kunzea oil – Middle note: pine
Kunzea oil – Bottom note: herbacious