Essential Oil Research

We only offer oils which we know are safe for human usage, many of these essential oils have in fact been used for decades without any ill effect. In addition what you smell in the Australian bush is what you smell in our oils.

Further, we learn about indigenous use of the plants to understand more of their potential. Indigenous use is often a great starting point on what is useful and safe.

Essentially Australia also learns much from our pioneering farmers and suppliers. Essentially Australia visits the plantations to ‘tune into’ what is happening with their plants, farm and their very own research.

Essentially Australia embraces all research conducted by the Australian government into Australian native essential oils.

In 2012, Essentially Australia began a relationship with researchers at the Environment and Biotechnology Centre at Swinburne University.

The university has began investigating a range of our Australian native essential oils.

Australian native essential oils we are researching at the moment include Fragonia essential oil, Australian Sandalwood essential oil, Kunzea essential oil, Lemon Myrtle essential oil, Anise Myrtle oil and Australian Blue Cypress essential oil.

Our early research is confirming much, please stay tuned to hear of our scientific findings..