Wetlands Collection Gift Box

Wetlands Collection Box

From Australia’s wetlands, a beautiful essential oil gift box.

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A collection of some wonderful and in some cases new Australian essential oils.

These oils feature essential oils from both sides of the Australian continent.

Honey Myrtle – a rival to Lemon Myrtle, fresh, lemony,  but also honey like and beautiful, anti-depressive and uplifting (south west Western Australia).
Lemon Tea Tree – A striking, fresh lemony aroma, aid concentration, freshen a stale home (northern NSW and southern Queensland)
Niaouli – A fresh, pleasant Eucalyptus like aroma, a familiar and common paperbark tree of the east coast of Australia.
Rosalina – Also known as Lavender Tea Tree, its fresher than normal Lavender, also some fresh tea tree elements, native to Sydney and north and south of Sydney’s coastal regions.
Rose Myrtle – A unique mixture of uplifting lemon, fresh fruitiness and calming rose, found near Byron Bay
Tea Tree – the best known wetlands tree, a medicine kit in a bottle (sub tropic northern New South Wales and south east Queensland)

Some medicinal essential oils and also some wonderful aromatic essential oils.

This gift box comes with a free copy of our Guide to Australian Native Essential Oils.



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