Australian Perfume Box – Essential Oil Box

Australian Perfume Essential Oil Box

A lovely essential oil box for anyone who appreciates high quality natural perfumes, all aromas are long lasting and will suit a number of different occasions.

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A great collection of our most unique, wonderful 100% natural perfume type Australian essential oils in our Australian Perfume essential oil box.

This essential oil box includes:

A beautifully inspiring, relaxing and emotional/hormonal balancing oil.
Add a few drops to a massage oil, essential oil diffuser, or apply as a natural perfume.

Boronia 3% in Jojoba
This oil can be applied directly to the skin as a sweet, woody, berry like natural perfume.
Boronia calms the mind and enhances confidence.

Australian Blue Cypress
A most unique, blue-coloured, sweet, woody perfume with a resinous, smokey undertone.
Great as a fixative in natural perfume making. Can be applied directly to the skin.

Northern Sandalwood
A gentle, smoother kind of Sandalwood, with beautiful calming, relaxing qualities. Can be applied directly to the skin, or use in an essential oil diffuser.

Australian Sandalwood
A grounding, woody, rich, calming perfume. Can be applied directly to the skin. Use as is or as a fixative blended with other oils such as Fragonia to create a unique personal and natural perfume.

Kimberley Heath
A wonderfully complex, inspiring, exclusive essential oil. Best enjoyed on its own, as it carries many layers of different perfume notes. Apply a few drops to the wrist and/or neck to enjoy this one of a kind natural fragrance.

Essentially Australia aromatherpist Samantha about to apply some Australian Rose as a perfume

Essentially Australia aromatherapist Samantha about to apply some  Australian perfume from her own box set collection

This essential oil box is made using salvaged, solid, pure Silky Oak timber and is locally made in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.
It comes with the latest copy (edition 5) of our ‘Guide to Using Australian Native Essential Oils’.

Australian Sandalwood can be applied directly to the skin as a natural, earthy, calming perfume

Our lovely Samantha applying Australian Sandalwood it can be applied directly to the skin as a natural, earthy, calming perfume


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