Oil Burner

Oil Burner

Our locally hand made oil burner



A beautiful, locally made oil burner. Great as a gift, ideal for any type of essential oil burning.

Local pottery maker and expert John Gillson, who has been practising pottery for several decades, custom produced our branded oil burner.

Made in the traditional way, our oil burner was created by John using the finest pottery clay and fired in his traditional kiln, this product is produced in small batches and takes weeks to fire and set.


Try using a few drops of our Australian Sandalwood oil in our handmade oil burner for a deeply calming and grounding environment


This oil burner comes in the one colour, being a natural, red ochre type colour. Each oil burner is unique in the way the colour sets on the final finish.

Our oil burner is safely and securely bubbled wrapped and boxed for shipping. It is ideal for any day spa, retreat, massage venue and best of all will be a lovely addition to the anyone’s home decor or aromatherapy collection.

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 18 cm


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