Meditation Kit – Essential Oil Box

Meditation Kit - Essential Oil Box

A beautiful essential oil box containing quality Australian meditation essential oils, stored in a solid Silky Oak timber box.

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A unique essential oil box including our finest meditation oils.

This essential oil box contains a diverse array of mediation oils, ideal for different moods or aroma desires at the time.

The oils included are:

Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (wood oil), a deep, earthy, very forest floor like aroma, found west of the Great Dividing Range.
Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil, a blue essential oil, with a woody, earthy, smoky aroma, with resinous, honey like notes, from the Top End.
Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, the best Australian Sandalwood of all, superbly distilled, from the premier Australian Sandalwood region of northern Western Australian.
Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil, a different and unique Sandalwood oil, with an incredible array of wonderful, calming perfume notes, from western Queensland.
Buddha Wood Essential Oil, a deep, earthy, grounding essential oil with a whiskey like note.
Fragonia Essential Oil, a remarkable, calming essential oil, ideal for rest and relaxation

This essential oil box is made using salvaged, solid, pure Silky Oak timber and is made in Australia, by an Australian!

This essential oil box comes with the latest copy of our Guide to Australian Native Essential Oils (Edition 4).




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