Byron Bay Perfume Box

Byron Bay Rose Perfume Box

A prestigious and unique collection of 6 high quality perfume Australian essential oils.

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Byron Bay Perfume Box

Our Byron Bay Perfume Box set is a collection of 6 prestigious Australian essential oils, ideal for use as a perfume. This set includes the wonderful, new and exclusive Byron Bay Rose (uniquely numbered and 100% pure) and Australian Rose essential oil (100% pure). Each box set contains a gift certificate which is uniquely numbered. There are only 50 of these numbered sets being made.

Valued at $376  Save $77

Our video tells the story of 2 of these beautiful new Australian essential oils.

Supplied in a beautiful hand crafted, locally made Silky Oak box for compact and safe storage, ensuring a long life for the oils, protecting them from damage and keeping them in order.

Essentially Australia aromatherpist Samantha about to apply some Australian Rose as a perfume

Essentially Australia aromatherapist Samantha about to apply some Byron Bay Rose as a perfume

A user’s guide booklet to Australian native essential oils is also included for free with the box.


Australian Rose (Byron Bay region)  100% pure
Boronia (wildflower region of Western Australia) 3% pure mixed with jojoba oil
Byron Bay Rose (Byron Bay region)  100% pure, numbered between 2 and 50
Fragonia (biodiverse south west Western Australia)  100% pure
Kimberley Heath (monsoonal ‘Top End’)  100% pure
Northern Sandalwood (Outback)  100% pure

Essentially Australia aromatherapist Samantha in our Byron Bay Rose plantation

Essentially Australia aromatherapist Samantha in our Byron Bay Rose plantation

Wategoes Beach, Byron Bay,and local residents Sam and Scott

Wategoes Beach, Byron Bay and local residents Samantha and Scott


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