Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil


A powerful, rich, intense, supreme pepper flavouring


Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil 

Tasmanina Native Pepper Absolute has an intensely rich peppery background aroma with spicy, exotic top notes and a hint of cinnamon and the Australian bush.

Botanical name  Tasmannia lanceolata

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Tasmannia lanceolata (distilled by non chlorinated solvent extraction of the leaves).

Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil Aroma

Intense peppery background aroma, with spicy, exotic top notes, a hint of cinnamon and the Australian bush.

Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil Benefits

Provides a valuable ingredient when seeking a quality pepper flavouring in foods, confectionery, chewing gum, fragrances or household products.

Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute, male flowers on the left, female flowers on the right

Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute, male flowers on the left, female flowers on the right

Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil Uses

Good addition in perfumes due to its rich, intense aroma and long lasting properties.

Also an excellent food flavour enhancer for citrus and berry formulations.


Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil

Directions and More Uses

Food Flavouring

Add to enhance pepper flavours,
Use in dukkahs,
Add to peppery oil rubs and apply to meat and cook 30 minutes later,
Add to Olive oil and add to cheese
Add 1 or 2 drops per litre or kilogram of main food.
Add a small amount (mixed into ingredients)and use in ice cream mix.

Cooking Suggestions

Add Tasmanian Native Pepper at the ratio of 1 part Tasmanian Native Pepper to 100 parts Peppermint Oil. This will
strongly enhance the peppermint flavour.

Adding Tasmanian Native Pepper can reduce the bitterness of some foods and can create a longer lasting flavour in dishes and meals.

CAS Number 1838815-52-3

FEMA Number 4755

Aromatherapy Oil

1 to 2 drops in an oil burner, add to other perfumes.

Aromatherapy Blending with Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil 

Blends with citrus or green oils. Try blending with traditional Eucalyptus Australiana, Lemon Myrtle.

Massage and Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute Oil 

1 to 2 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.


Tasmanian Native Pepper at top Mt Wellington, Hobart

Wild Tasmanian Native Pepper at the top of Mt Wellington, Hobart

Other Common Names

Mountain Pepper, Native Pepper, Tasmanian Pepper.

Natural Occurrence in Australia 

Tasmannia lanceolata grows upto 5 metres high and is found in the rainforests of lowland through to the mountains of Tasmania and also in some parts of south east Australia (Victoria, New South Wales). There are male and female trees, the flowers are small, yellow to creamy white from around September through to January, in March or April the black berry like fruit appears on the female plant and contains 10-18 seeds. All of the plant is very aromatic.

Other Information

Tasmanian Pepper is obviously named Tasmania, which was named after 17th century Dutch seaman Abel Tasman, who was the first European to ‘find’ Tasmania in 1642. The leaves contain polygodial, a compound which provides for the hot spicy element, along with other compounds which make the other aromatic flavourings.

Current Analysis of Main Compound Actives

alpha-pinene                                                  0.49%
beta-pinene                                                    0.20%
limonene & beta phellandrebne                 0.22%
1,8 cineole                                                      0.20%
linalool                                                            1.64%
piperitone                                                        0.35%
alpha-cubebene                                            0.90%
eugenol                                                           1.21%
alpha-copaene                                               0.34%
alpha-gurjunene                                            0.49%
iso-caryphyllene                                            1.06%
germacene-D                                                 1.51%
bicyclogermacrene                                       1.49%
cis-calamanene                                             2.05%
muurola-4(14)-diene                                    0.79%
cubebol                                                           0.91%
viridifloral                                                        0.38%
guaiol                                                              4.99%
beta-cedrene epoxide                                  8.41%
drimenol                                                          0.53%
polygodial artefact                                         1.49%
polygodial                                                     17.10%

Specific Gravity @20`C                        0.97 to 0.99


Store below 10 Celsius is recommended and away from sunlight.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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12ml, 25ml, 100ml, 1kg

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