Men’s Beard Box – Essential Oil Box


A great gift box set for any man to help make a great smelling guy and help promote a healthy beard and skin for him.

Value $279  Save $40


Our Men’s Beard Box essential oil box will be a great addition to any men’s grooming kit, it will add some great manly aromas for the man and also assisting in promoting a healthy skin and beard.

The oils included in this essential oil box set are:

Australian Sandalwood Oil:
A great oil for a manly aroma which the ladies will love, even better Sandalwood oil is great as antibacterial oil for cuts and abrasions. It is great for calming red inflamed skin, a great all round beard oil.

Fragonia Essential Oil:
An incredibly relaxing, inspiring essential oil, great for setting a calm, cool and collected mood. Fragonia posesses fresh, fruity, and floral notes with a woody undertone – a one-of-a-kind aroma that every woman will love!

Sandalwood Nut oil:
This ultra-nourishing wonder oil is truly unique in its versatility. Apply straight to the skin as a natural moisturiser, or use a few drops to condition hair. Solves dryness instantly, soothes rashes, and works miracles as a 100% natural anti-ageing agent.
Bonus: Sandalwood nut oil is highly anti-inflammatory and can be used to help heal minor cuts & scrapes.

Buddha Wood Essential Oil:
A deeply grounding, meditative essental oil that surely will intrigue with it’s unexpected notes of whiskey. This earthy, woody gem can be worn as a natural fragrance by kneading a drop or 3 into the beard.

Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil:
An essential oil which a grounding aroma but also an array of soft, gentle, calming notes, ladies will love it as well.

Peppermint Gum Essential Oil:
A great, refreshing Australian peppermint oil, which will also be good to assist happy, healthy breathing.

All 6 oils are housed in a solid, Australian made, Silky Oak box.

Our Guide to Using Australian Native Essential oils is also included in this essential oil box, along with free postage to anywhere in Australia.