Macadamia Carrier Oil


Superb carrier oil and great skin moisturiser for dry, tired skin.

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Macadamia Carrier Oil

Our Macadamia carrier oil is of the finest quality, it will rival any other massage or carrier oil. It provides a wonderful smooth emollient oil and is richly moisturising to the skin.

Botanical name:  Macadamia integrifolia

Ingredients: 100% v/v pure pressed Macadamia oil of the Macadamia (kernel).


Macadamia Carrier Oil Aroma:

The massage oil variety of Macadamia carrier oil is odourless as it has been refined to remove the food like aroma, the oil is a clear colour.

Macadamia Oil Benefits:

Macadamia massage oil has superb emollient qualities. The oil is extremely moisturising to the skin, it is excellent an anti aging product. Macadamia oil readily accepts essential oils being mixed with it.

Macadamia Oil Uses:

Use as a straight massage oil, blend essential oils into it for massage, use as a moisturiser, a carrier oil for essential oils, use as an ingredient/emollient in cosmetic formulations, apply direct to aged skin.


Our Macadamia oil has excellent moisturising and emollient properties, and is highly recommended for massage treatments

Our Macadamia oil has excellent moisturising and emollient properties, and is highly recommended for massage treatments



Directions and More Uses:

Modern Day Aromatherapy Uses

Carrier oil for massage, cosmetic formulations, soaps, body lotions, body butters, lip balm, it is an excellent emollient, it spreads smoothly and evenly.

Blends with:

Blends with all suitable essential oils used in massage.


Use as is, straight from the bottle, pour into an open bowl or dispense from a pump bottle.

Food Flavouring:

Use the food grade Macadamia variety for food purposes.

Macadamia Oil Key Chemical Constituents:

Oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, palmitic and linoleic acid.

Other Common Names:

Macadamia Nut, Queensland Nut, Bush Nut, Maroochi Nut and Bauple Nut.

Indigenous Australian names include gyndl, jindilli and boombera.

Natural Occurrence in Australia:                                                                                                                                                           

A subtropical rainforest tree to 12 metres, found in northern New South Wales and south east Queensland.

Macadamia Oil Characteristics:

Thick, viscous consistency, similar to Almond oil in consistency.


Macadamia Oil is prized for containing approximately 22% of the omega-7 palmitoleic acid, this makes it a botanical alternative to mink oil, which contains approximately 17%. This relatively high content of cushion like palmitoleic acid plus macadamia’s high oxidative stability make it a desirable ingredient in cosmetics, especially for skincare.

Human nutrition research in Australia showed macadamia seeds lower total and LDL cholesterol levels.

Extraction and Farming Method:

Macadamias are Australia’s only native plant commercially food grown for food consumption, its oil is an additional productfrom the kernel production. Today Australia produces nearly 40,000 tonnes of Macadamias in shell.

The trees are grown conventionally in plantations, nuts are mechanically harvested, mechanically processed (nut cracking of the hard woody shell). They are stored to a specific moisture content, then crushed or pressed to extract the oil.

History –Macadamia:

Traditional Usage

The nuts were prized for food by indigenous people for centuries around the subtropical rainforest regions of Australia. Around 1860 an indigenous leader became well known with white settlers in the south Brisbane region as he regularly traded Macadamia nuts in exchange for goods from the settlers.

Early European usage

The Macadamia nut was first eaten by white settlers around 1858. By the 1880’s a small plantation was established around Lismore in New South Wales.

Present day usage

The Macadamia industry is quite important to the northern New South Wales rural economy, it is planted in plantations, on average, a commercial macadamia farm has around 2,000 trees per property in northern New South Wales.

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