Kunzea Essential Oil


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Supreme for tired joints and muscles, a fresh, Australian bush aroma.

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Kunzea Essential Oil

Kunzea essential oil is probably Australia’s next essential oil wonder.
Kunzea essential oil has many remarkable properties.

Its properties have been highly mentioned and promoted by world renown aromatherapist Dr Daniel Peneol.
Kunzea essential oil is great for irritated red spots on the skin, it is a known antiseptic, it is fantastic for tired joints and muscles.

Unlike Tea Tree oil, its aroma is very pleasant, it is almost always compared as ‘a smell of the Australian bush’.

Botanical name  Kunzea ambigua                                                         

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Kunzea ambigua essential oil.

Kunzea Essential Oil Aroma

A pleasant, fresh, with some spicy undertones.

Kunzea Essential Oil Benefits

Amazing for quick soothing relief from tired muscles and joints,

Its great for dry, flaking, itcy skin.

Relief from stress, anxiety, nervous tension and mental exhaustion.

Kunzea flowers in October

Kunzea flowers in October, north east Tasmania

Kunzea Essential Oil Uses 

A small drop or 2 can be added direct to the skin for tired muscles or joints.

For dry, flaky skin, add a drop or 2 near but not on dry, flaky skin.

Also use in an oil burner, vaporiser, bath, massage oil, spa, saunas, potpurri and room deodorisers.


MORE INFO on KUNZEA Essential Oil:

Directions and More Uses

Kunzea essential oil has been listed with TGA for relief from, arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, insect bites and insect bite inflammation, symptoms of influenza.

Kunzea essential oil is good for irritated skin, good for soft tissue issues.

Aromatherapy Oil

2 to 4 drops in an oil burner or vaporiser, 1-2 drops into a bath.

Our Kunzea oil among wild Kunzea flowers, north east Tasmania

Our Kunzea oil among wild Kunzea flowers, north east Tasmania

Blend Kunzea Essential Oil with 

Eucalyptus varieties, Fragonia, Lemon Myrtle, Rosalina and Tea Tree or Sandalwood.

Massage Kunzea Essential Oil with 

10 to 25 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.

Main Actives of Kunzea Essential Oil

Kunzea essential oil has a unqiue combination of compounds, alpha-pinene, 1,8 cineole, globulol, viridifloral, bicyclogermacrene which can address infection and tired muscles and joints.


Kunzea essential oil is non toxic, non irritating, sensitive skins should do a skin patch test.

Keep out of reach of children, store away from direct sunlight, store below 30 degrees.

Avoid during pregnancy.

Other Common Names

Tick Bush, Ducane Kunzea, White Cloud, White Kunzea.

Natural Occurrence in Australia                                                                                                           

Wild Kunzea in flower, north east Tasmania

Wild Kunzea in flower, north east Tasmania


Kunzea essential oil naturally occurs in the woodland of eastern Tasmania, southern Victoria and south east New South Wales.

The kunzea ambigua plant grows to around 5 metres, they can grow in clusters and they actually benefit from regular pruning, if not they become quite gangly. A superior variety is farmed in north east Tasmania by wild harvesting an extensive population of plants.

Harvesting for Kunzea essential oil has been carried out for nearly 20 years.

Reasonable but not high and regular rainfall is preferred.

Kunzea Essential Oil Characteristics

Clear to very pale yellow, watery, fresh, mild spicy undertone, not too intense.

Extraction and Farming Method of Kunzea Essential Oil

Kunzea essential oil is extracted via steam distillation of the leaves and green branchlets.

Kunzea is grows wildly and abundantly in the wild in north east Tasmania, it is also in eastern Victoria and south east New South Wales.

The Kunzea plants are sometimes ‘pruned’ by grazing animals and there are no fertilisers required.

Kunzea is hand harvested and are then steam distilled immediately to maintain quality Kunzea essential oil.

Benetts Wallaby Eating Flowers, north east Tasmania

Benetts Wallaby eating Kunzea flowers, north east Tasmania

History – Kunzea Essential Oil


There are no stories of indigenous people use at present but it is almost certain the indigenous people would have used the plant.

Early European Usage

The early settlers noticed native animals always use to sleep under a Kunzea shrub.

It was later established that the native animals slept under the bush to rid themselves of ticks, as a result the bush was called ‘Tick Bush’.

Like many native Australian plants with an abundance of essential oils, the plant is not attacked by many insects, as the oil in the leaf is quite unpalatable to most insects and native animals.

Present Day Usage

Each harvest of Kunzea essential oil is tested for quality and stored in optimum, even temperature conditions.

It is used for treating anxiety, stress, aiding relaxation, insect stings and bites.

Typical Chemical Profile of Kunzea Essential Oil

alpha-pinene                                                    30-48%
1,8-cineole                                                             15%
globulol                                                                7-15%
viridiflorol                                                             6-12%
biocyclogermacene                                             4-6%
alpha-terpineol                                                     1-4%

Also contains small amounts of spathulenol, citronellol, ledol, limonene, calamenene.

Relative Density: 0.880-0.960 @ 20 C
Refractive Index 1.462-1.484 @ 20 C

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7 cm

12ml, 25ml, 100ml, 1kg

Additional Information

4 reviews for Kunzea Essential Oil

  1. Lydia – Ocean Grove

    I love your oils.
    The Kunzea and Fragonia are special.

  2. Trinity (verified owner)

    Not crazy about the smell but it works wonderfully on aching muscles and feels very grounding applied to lower back.

  3. Michelle McCarthy (verified owner)

    I adore this essential oil, it really is something special. I just made my first batch of cold-pressed soap using it (which turned out amazing), and I also use kunzea regularly in an oil warmer. It’s a beautiful scent to have going in the winter and cooler months. All of the essential oils I have ordered from this company have been exceptional and I love supporting this small business.

    • admin

      Hi Michelle, very impressive idea to use the Kunzea oil in a soap, would be very relaxing and calming we think, best wishes, look forward to hearing from you again!

  4. Beattie Mayo (verified owner)

    I have incorporated Kunzea Essential Oil into my “Mental Wellness” blend which gives it another dynamic. Also I have created a blend that I call “Anxiety 4 Males” as the oils I used are of a masculine nature which males would be more likely to use.

    • admin

      Hi Beattie, thanks for sharing with us, we appreciate your feedback and also the good use you are putting our Kunzea oil to, best wishes Essentially Australia!

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