Kimberley Heath Essential Oil


The most wonderful perfume essential oil, its uplifting, fresh, full of floral notes,  finishing with calming woody notes, a pure essential oil from an intensely fragrant flower.

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Kimberley Heath Essential Oil

Kimberley Heath is an intensely uplifting, rich and wonderfully complex essential oil, steam distilled from the fresh, beautifully fragrant flowers of the Kimberly Heath. Initially there is a wonderful, uplifting lemony/limey aroma, followed by a fresh, gentle Eucalyptus type aroma, then an array of aromas follow, including a variety of floral notes , then nutty and woody notes. Initally it is uplifting, yet it also calming. One of the finest natural perfumes in the world.

The plant is also known as Turkey Bush.

Botanical name  Calytrix exstipulata

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Kimberley Heath (steam distillation of the fresh flowers)

Kimberley Heath Essential Oil Aroma

A wonderful, uplifting and complex aroma, it has an initial uplifting, lemony and lime aroma, followed by a fresh yet gentle Eucalyptus aroma. This is then followed by an array of floral notes, including rose, lavender, then later on the dry down, nutty and earthy woody notes are experienced.

Kimberley Heath Essential Oil Benefits

Uplifting, calming, refreshing, energising, relaxing.

Wild Kimberley Heath, Northern Territroy

Wild Kimberley Heath, Northern Territroy

Kimberley Heath Essential Oil Uses

Use as a perfume or add to perfumes due to its rich, intense aroma.

MORE INFO on Kimberley Heath Essential Oil

Directions and More Uses

Aromatherapy Oil

1 to 2 drops in an oil burner, add to other perfumes.

Blend Kimberley Heath Essential Oil with

Blends with citrus or green oils. Try blending with traditional Eucalyptus Australiana, Lemon Myrtle, Honey Myrtle, or Australian Sandalwood.


We believe our Kimberley Heath oil is best enjoyed as a natural perfume on its own


Massage and Kimberley Heath Essential Oil 

Add 1 to 2 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.

Kimberley Heath, also known as Turkey Bush

Kimberley Heath, also known as Turkey Bush

Other Common Names

Turkey Bush, Gidigid (Bardi language/north of Broome region, Dampier Peninsula).

Natural Occurrence in Australia 

Calytrix exstipulata grows upto 4 metres high in the Kimberleys and Arnhem land. It grows individually or in small communities in full sun. It flowers in June, July and August, a sporadic flowering cam also occur in September.

Other Information (Harvesting Information)

Kimberley Heath essential oil is extracted by the steam distillation of the fresh flowers.

Harvesting is of the extensive wild stands of the plant, the plant is quite common in the wild and is found in a very large region of northern Australia.

A government licence is required to harvest the plant and its flowers. This licence stipulates that only 10% of the flowers can be harvested.

The fresh flower although very fragrant, contains only a small amount of essential oil compared to other Australian essential oils. Typically 0.2% essential oil is recovered from the flowers, harvesting is also entirely done by hand harvesting. The low oil yield and distances travelled are responsible for the premium cost of the oil.

Current Analysis of Main Active Compounds

alpha-pinene                                     31.09%
beta-pinene                                      17.73%
myrcene                                            1.09%
limonene                                            5.20%
gamma-terpinene                                6.78%
terpinolene                                         0.69%
a-fenchol                                           0.57%
iso pulegol                                         3.06%
pulegol                                              1.11%
citronellol                                          1.05%
alpha-gurjenene                                  0.72%
aromadendrene                                  4.73%
allo-aromadendrene                            1.95%
ledene                                               2.07%
epi-globulol                                         0.42%
globulol                                              1.03%
cubeban-11-ol                                     0.80%
guaia-5-en-11-ol                                  0.89%
epi-alpha-cadinol                                 0.50%


Store below 20 Celsius is recommended and away from sunlight.

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