Byron Bay Rose® Hydrosol

A new hydrosol from Essentially Australia

Brand: Essentially Australia®


A new 100% pure Hydrosol from Essentially Australia!

Our Byron Bay Rose® Hydrosol is 100% pure Hydrosol, steam distilled on our Byron Bay hinterland plantation from the Byron Bay Rose® (Leptospermum petersonii Variety ‘B’ CT ‘Geranyl Acetate’).

Byron Bay Rose® is one of Australia’s newest essential oils and Hydrosol distilled by Essentially Australia at our farm site in the Byron Bay hinterland. The aroma of Byron Bay Rose® is a beautiful fruity rose scent with uplifting lemony notes.

The main difference between Byron Bay Rose® and Australian Rose®:

Byron Bay Rose® is more uplifting and fruity (younger spirited), where Australian Rose® is more calming, sophisticated, ‘mature’ and grounding.


Use Byron Bay Rose® Hydrosol to tone, hydrate, calm, and revitalise the skin.
Ideal for instant refreshment & hydration when travelling.


A beautiful uplifting, fruity rose scent with lemony/citrus notes.

Available sizes:

100ml, 1L, 20L. when available.
Please make your selection above.

How to use:

Use as a deodoriser, spritzer for the body, linen spray, cooling agent, bath fragrance or as a replacement for water in cosmetic products.
Suitable for sensitive skin types.

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