Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol


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Pure hydrosol, steam distilled in Australia from native Australian Sandalwood.

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Pure hydrosol, steam distilled in Australia from Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum).


Use pure Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol to tone, hydrate, and revitalise the skin. Ideal for instant refreshment & hydration when travelling. Grounds the body and calms the mind.


Carries the beautiful calming and grounding aroma of Australian Sandalwood essential oil; the highest quality Sandalwood in the world – smoother, sweeter, more pleasant than the aroma of Indian Sandalwood.

Available sizes:

100ml & 1L. Please make your selection above.

Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol

Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol


How to use:

Use as a deodoriser, spritzer for the body, linen spray, cooling agent, bath fragrance or as a replacement for water in cosmetic products.
Suitable for sensitive skin types.

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100ml, 1L, 5L

6 reviews for Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol

  1. Susan B. (verified owner)

  2. Dorothe P. (verified owner)

    Love the hydrosols, which can be used after cleansing the face and general room spray. I also have the Rose hydrosol as well.

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Thanks again Dorothe

  3. Nicky boyes

    Fantastic sandalwood scent that I’m so happy can now be brought and made in Australia.
    It worked perfectly when used in my homemade moisturiser.

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Hi Nicky, good in worked well in the moisturiser

  4. Ruth (verified owner)

    My first try at hydrosols and I loved this product. I also bought the Australian Rose and Fragonia. I’m enjoying all products. Coincidentally, the 2 warts on my hand disappeared over a couple of weeks of using this product. I wonder…..

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Hi Ruth, thanks for the interesting feedback, glad you are happy with the products best wishes.

  5. Grace C. (verified owner)

    Using this as toner for my skincare is a perfect choice.

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Thanks Grace, pleased to hear from you again and that you are are happy.

  6. Dana L. (verified owner)

    • Greg Trevena (store manager)

      Thank you

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