Australian Rose Beauty Box – Essential Oil Box


Australia’s new perfume like essential oil in 2018, each essential oil box set is numbered, 100 only!

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Australia Rose Beauty Box – Essential Oil Box

Our Australia Rose Beauty Box is a collection of 15 Australian essential oils to enhance your beauty and wellbeing, this set includes the wonderful, new and exclusive Australian Rose oil. This essential oil box contains a gift certificate which is uniquely numbered. There are only 100 of these numbered sets being made.

Our video tells the story of this beautiful new perfume like essential oil.

Supplied in a beautiful hand crafted, locally made Silky Oak essential oil box for compact and safe storage, ensuring a long life for the oils, protecting them from damage and keeping them in order.

Valued at $504. Save $105


A user’s guide booklet to Australian native essential oils is also included for free with the essential oil box.


Anise Myrtle Essential Oil (New South Wales rainforest),
Australian Balm Mint Bush Essential Oil (Eucalyptus forests, Victoria),
Australian Rose Essential Oil (Byron Bay region) numbered between 2 and 100,
Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (leaf oil), (Outback, west of the Great Divide)
Australian White Cypress Essential Oil (wood oil), (Outback, west of the Great Divide)
Boronia Essential Oil (wildflower region of Western Australia)
Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark Essential Oil (far north Queensland),
Fragonia Essential Oil (biodiverse south west Western Australia) ,
Honey Myrtle Essential Oil (biodiverse south west Western Australia),
Kimberley Heath Essential Oil (monsoonal ‘Top End’)
Kunzea Essential Oil (Tasmania and south east Australia),
Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (subtropic and tropic Queensland rainforests),
Northern Sandalwood Essential Oil (Outback),
Rosalina Essential Oil (temperate wetlands),
Australian Sandalwood Nut oil (a supreme Outback moisturiser)

Essentially Australia aromatherapist Samantha about to apply some Australian Rose as a natural perfumeOur brand aromatherapist Sam

All bottles are 12ml in size.

Brand aromatherapist Same in our Australian Rose plantation

Brand aromatherapist Sam in our Australian Rose plantation

Also included in this unique essential oil box is the: Users Guide to Australian Native Essential Oils booklet and finished wooden box made of solid Australian Silky Oak and free postage anywhere in Australia, overseas postage is at regular cost.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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